The Evolution of Reason is about changing how we think.  What was traditionally considered true or correct, is not what the reasonable person in our time may consider right.  Unfortunately, too many people cling to the outdated and inaccurate concepts of the past and refuse to evolve.  We are called progressive because we want to see progress made in the way we think, the way we act, and the way we treat each other.  We want to see ourselves and society continue to evolve.  To that end, this blog will discuss news, politics, religion, society, current events, sports, and entertainment with the goal of helping you evolve your way of thinking.

About Dean Spencer
Dean, a passionate liberal, gives a voice to a large group of Americans who are too often silent.  Liberal Americans, particularly progressive Christians, are far too silent about many issues, allowing the misconception to exist that conservative Christianity, or the so-called “Christian Right” is the only acceptable view of politics for Christians.

Dean is a blogger and journalist that specializes in political writing.  His work with The American Citizen’s Daily included articles covering news, politics, entertainment, and sports.  He was also the technical manager for the magazine before it closed down.

Dean has an MBA with a concentration in Entrepreneurship, a graduate certificate in Health Economics, Policy, and Adminstration, and undergraduate studies in Business and Marketing.  He graduated suma cum laude and was inducted into the Sigma Beta Delta International Honors Society for Business, Mangement, and Administration.

Dean’s writing experience, aside from his blog, includes writing and directing a controversial original play titled Antigone: Bound while studying film and theatre at Indiana University.  The issues involved with the play included the university shutting down a three-piece article in the school newspaper about the project after the first article.  This censorship helped ignite Dean’s passion about journalism.


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