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Unemployed Teen’s Dedication is Rewarded with a Job for a Selfless Business Owner

It’s a very cold day in the heartland of America. Overnight snow, sleet, and freezing rain blanketed the city. In the morning hours following the cold night, a small business owner is putting ice melt around his restaurant. He looks up to see a young man walking across the parking lot. Neither the young man, … Continue reading

Did Carnival Triumph Passengers Exaggerate Conditions for Lawsuits and Attention?

Cross-posted from The American Complaint Department As Carnival reported, the crew was able to restore power and the sewage system to parts of the ship. Some reports coming from the passengers speak of horrible conditions suffered during the ordeal. Less than a week after the passengers reached port in Mobile, Alabama, lawsuits were filed. Four … Continue reading

Well Played, Sir is now The Evolution of Reason!

  In an effort to make my blog easier and more versatile, I’ve moved my site to WordPress. With the move, I’ve taken the opportunity to change the name of my blog.  The Evolution of Reason represents my belief that the way we think has, and must continue to evolve.  This is true in all … Continue reading

Social Media Storm Hits Applebee’s Hard

Cross-posted from The American Complaint Department News Magazine If you haven’t heard the story of Chelsea Welch then you have probably been living under a social networking rock for the last week.  Chelsea is the waitress fired from Applebee’s for posting an image of a receipt left by Pastor Alois Bell of Truth in the … Continue reading