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Magic Beyond Words Shows the Reality of Living on Public Assistance

I just finished watching the film Magic Beyond Words: The J.K. Rowling Story.  I admit it…I’m a Potter fan.  I have always wondered about the process that Rowling went through while writing the books.  I watched the film with the understanding that it was a Lifetime dramatization of her life.  I’m sure it was based … Continue reading

When Policies Fail…Blame the Media!

There are plenty of problems that can be traced back to the media (or social media).  I’ve personally been critical of how media has affected politics (I’m not blind to the fact that this includes bloggers such as myself).  However, there is a trend that I’ve noticed among conservatives.  When their stupidity is questioned…they blame … Continue reading

The Education Crisis

While not the only cause, the burst of the housing bubble was a serious contributor to the Great Recession.  Since we’ve recovered and are once again growing, I’ve heard many people speculating about the cause and timing of the next major economic crisis.  The answer may lie in our disaster of a higher educational system. … Continue reading

#DancingMan Campaign Shows Us that One Person Can Make a Difference

I never want to hear that a single person can’t make a difference in someone’s life.  If you haven’t already followed this story…a man was captured on camera dancing.  The photos were posted (below) along with the caption, “Saw this specimen trying to dance the other week.  He stopped when he saw us laughing.” Fortunately, … Continue reading

Children in Congress Go Past Being Ineffective and are Downright Disrespectful

The news and social media have been on fire about the letter signed by 47 Republican Senators that attempted to undermine President Obama’s foreign policy.  There are even petitions calling for these Senators to be prosecuted as violators of the Logan Act. As I scrolled through my news feed tonight, I found a post from … Continue reading

How to Push a Conservative Over the Edge

There’s a new game that I love to play.  It’s pretty simple and you have nothing to do put tell the truth.  The result is a conservative that goes over the edge and blows his or her top.  Here’s how you play:  (keep in mind that this will get them really fired up…be ready to … Continue reading

Why Conservatives Hate America

On more than one recent occasion I have found myself questioning a conservative on why they are posting comments that are patently un-American.  For example, a conservative I know posted a meme about illegal immigrants.  She commented that they “don’t have rights.”  We then argued over the 14th Amendment. In another instance.  A conservative I … Continue reading