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Koch Brothers to Spend $889 Million on Election…Imagine the Possibilities

I recently read that the Koch brothers political arm hopes to spend an estimated $889 million during the 2016 elections.  I could go into a huge rant about how I hate the fact that they are allowed to do this.  It is perverting our electoral process.  But I won’t…we all know that.  Here’s what I … Continue reading

Pence Power Grab Aims to Remove Elected Official

Living in Indiana, I get to hear a lot about the Republican party and their potential candidates.  It reads like a list of the worst case scenarios for the people of the United States.  One name that has been on the list for a little while now is Mike Pence, governor of Indiana. I’ve dismissed … Continue reading

San Francisco Public Defender Arrested While Representing Her Client

A video has recently gone viral.  The video shows a San Fransisco public defender being arrested by police officers who are attempting to take a picture of her client.  This took place inside the courthouse.  The attorney was arrested for “resisting arrest,” handcuffed, and detained for an hour. Check out the video:   There has … Continue reading

The American Aristocracy…the Economist finally caught up

A couple of years ago I wrote an article for the American Citizen’s Daily (the magazine has now been closed, but you can read my original article here) titled the American Aristocracy.  In it, I briefly described a serious problem with the wealth gap in our country.  The wealthy have been working to ensure that … Continue reading