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Dear Greatless Generation…Please Stop Helping

It’s not a secret.  We had probably about the worst outcome possible in this election.  Many of us are shocked and disturbed to our core.  What were these people thinking?  The very sad truth is that they honestly think they did the right thing. So who are these people?  What they hate to hear is … Continue reading

The Night Before Christmas…a True Story

‘Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse. The stockings were hung by the chimney with care, In hopes that St. Nicholas soon would be there. The children were nestled all snug in their beds While visions of sugar-plums danced in their heads. And … Continue reading

Claire Bernish Kanyed America’s Support of Paris

Today I read an op-ed titled, “America: Your Solidarity with Paris is Embarrassingly Misguided.”  The article is in response to the flood of people showing solidarity with the people of France who suffered a terrible attacks late Friday night.  The author goes on a rant about how the show of solidarity is hollow because the … Continue reading

Response: The Night I Gave My Husband a Free Pass

One of the hazards of having a combined social media account is that you are exposed to the pages that your spouse follows.  The real hazard is that you might end up following and reading the posts and blogs.  This happened to me and now I follow a page called Scary Mommy. Most of the … Continue reading

I Guess #ImNoAngel…Get Over It

So there’s this marketing campaign from Lane Bryant…I’m No Angel. I saw this commercial on Discovery Life Channel.  I love it.  The women are sexy as hell and it makes the point that most of the women we see in advertising are not realistic and normal.  These are normal women. Then I began reading articles about … Continue reading

The Tragedy in Virginia is Already Being Exploited by Pathetic People

Today I woke up and read about the tragedy in Virginia. I even watched the horrible video that the murderer posted. Then tonight I see the first post from a person who decided to use this to further his political agenda… A friend of mine (a conservative with whom I rarely agree) shared a post … Continue reading

My Take on the Marcy’s Diner Owner

I’ve been reading the viral story about the owner of Marcy’s Diner.  You might have heard about this.  Apparently the owner of this restaurant just couldn’t take the crying of a toddler and screamed at the 2-year-old.  The mother, obviously upset by the incident, posted a review of the restaurant on Facebook and the owner … Continue reading

Let’s Get This Straight…The “Confederate Flag” is Based in Racism

I don’t think I can take one more person posting something on social media about how the confederate flag is “not racist” or “had nothing to do with slavery.”  If you’re one of these people…or you know them…please read this and share it with the rest of the people who have either fallen for the … Continue reading

Hey Kool-Aid!

Who doesn’t enjoy some nice Kool-Aid?  Have you ever been debating (yes, I mean arguing) with someone and at some point their counter-argument degrades to: “Okay, just keep drinking the Kool-Aid.”  When I first started hearing this a lot, it annoyed me.  It bothered me because it dismissed me as a blind follower…someone who just … Continue reading

The Suspended or Pending Coffee Movement is About More than Coffee

I came across this meme recently on my Facebook news feed (thank you Liberal Warriors Free for All).  I thought is was a great idea and did a quick search to see how realistic the concept was.  I found that Snopes had done some research and found that it seemed to originate (or at least gain popularity) … Continue reading