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Attack on Ryan is as Ill-Advised as his Remark

I debated with myself about whether I should post this or not.  There are some of you who normally disagree with me that will love this post.  There are others who agree with me that will question it.  However, I wouldn’t be doing my job if I only responded to incidents that made the people … Continue reading

Election 2012: Latest Poll Results

There is a very interesting election shaping up.  The latest polls show Gov. Romney leading President Obama by less than one point.  The very interesting piece is that, even though Romney is leading in the national polls, he is losing the electoral college estimates based on the polls.  Here’s the electoral college forecast I’ve created … Continue reading

Conservative Cowards and Voter Intimidation

It’s a growing issue with this election.  Voter intimidation and suppression.  We’ve seen it in telephone calls being placed to voters urging them to vote by phone so they don’t have to go to the polls on election day.  We’ve seen billboards placed in minority neighborhoods warning that voter fraud is a felony.  We’ve seen … Continue reading

Election 2012: President Obama’s Final Debate

We saw President Obama in his final debate tonight.  The debate centered on foreign policy.  Overall I feel like the President severely outclassed Mitt Romney in this debate.  It’s not very surprising.  Romney is well known to fall all over himself with foreign relations while President Obama has successful experience dealing with the world.  What … Continue reading

Jesus was a Socialist

Conservative Christians.  That’s an oxymoron if I’ve ever heard one.  I know that conservatives like to think of themselves as the “Christian right,” but they couldn’t be further from the truth.  Aside from the fact that they like to focus on the condemnation of homosexuality in the Bible (while conveniently ignoring all of the accompanying … Continue reading

Debunking Conservative Arguments is Fun

I came across this post through a friend.  He is actually one of the people who is honestly looking for the truth about the candidates in this election.  That is why things like this upset me so much.  Using lies and misleading information to win over voters should not be a way to win a … Continue reading

Argument against Obama Debunked

Originally appeared on The American Complaint Department October 15, 2012      Obama’s the worst President ever!  No, I don’t believe that.  That’s what I hear from everyone who is opposed to him in this election.  When I ask them what makes him the worst President in history, they only have a handful of answers.  … Continue reading

Conservative CEO’s Using Voter Intimidation to Support Romney

In probably the most disturbing trend in recent political history, we have seen a rash of companies threatening the jobs of their employees based on the outcome of the Presidential election.  These threats have been veiled in the guise of potential problems that the companies would face if Romney isn’t elected; however, unless you are … Continue reading

Slight of Hand: Conservatives Can’t Debate Romney

I’ve noticed lately that every time someone posts a discussion about Romney, the conversation ends up being about President Obama.  Actually, I noticed this a while ago with some of the conservatives which whom I routinely have debates.  I had hoped that it was a localized phenomenon, but sadly I was wrong.  Does this sound … Continue reading

The Rumble 2012: The Best Debate of the Election

If you haven’t seen it, please watch Jon Stewart and Bill O’Reilly in The Rumble 2012.  While there are a lot of jokes floating around in this mock debate, there are a lot of good points being made.  I saw more passion and conviction in Stewart and O’Reilly than I have seen in any candidate … Continue reading