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Journal News Continues Irresponsible Publicity Stunt

It seems like bloggers and journalists have two options right now for their discussions…fiscal cliff or guns.  The New York based Journal News decided to jump into the gun control discussion on Christmas Eve with a map of gun owners in their area.  The accompanying article was titled, “The gun owner next door: What you … Continue reading

Finding Beauty and Power in Music and Film

I’m working on some media for my upcoming new radio program, Crossroads Radio.  As a part of my duties, I am sifting through numerous film and music clips looking for samples I can use in the show.  If anyone ever questions the wisdom of musical and film artists, I can tell you that you really … Continue reading

A Memorial and Message of Gratitude for Educators

In the past few days, we have all shared in the grief that has resulted from the Sandy Hook tragedy.  Rightfully so, much of that pain has been due to the loss of so many children.  I simply have no words for this.  Part of my job as a blogger and writer are to sift … Continue reading

Sandy Hook Editorial Cartoon Draws Ridiculous Comments

In response to the Sandy Hook tragedy, an editorial cartoonist for The Indianapolis Star, Gary Varvel, created a cartoon (above) depicting what many parents were feeling that day.  While most people shared the same feelings that Varvel portrayed in his cartoon, some people had an inexplicable reaction to the image.  One poster on the paper’s … Continue reading

Guest Blog: A Chunky Girl’s Guide to Food on the Sandy Hook Tragedy

Last night I mentioned that I would weigh in on the discussions surrounding the Sandy Hook Elementary Tragedy.  I began a blog tonight on this subject, but I believe it is more valuable as an article for The American Complaint Department News.  However, I am fortunate enough to know a blogger who has a blog … Continue reading

Mourning for the Sandy Hook Elementary Victims & Families

  You all may have noticed that I have been fairly silent today.  I’m sure the reason is fairly obvious.  The tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School today has struck me to my core.  I am pretty good at handling tragedy, and even death.  However, I don’t take it well when innocent children are the … Continue reading

Social Networking: Millions of Heartbreaks Served

 Directly behind my office there is a common hallway for all of the businesses in the building.  In theory, it is an emergency exit for the building.  In reality, it is a place for people to take smoke breaks.  One of those businesses is a sandwich shop.  As with many fast food type companies, this … Continue reading

The Fall of Conservative Ideals Protects America’s Future

In the last month, we have witnessed a political party that has been shaken to its foundations.  Immediately after the American people sent a message to Republicans that we will not accept their extreme and harmful beliefs, the fighting began within the party.  The loss was blamed on everyone from urban voters to Governor Christie, … Continue reading