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‘The Triumph of Drumpf’ by J. Carlisle 

Despite his obvious lack of experience, temperament, or any semblance of ethical standards, Donald “Drumpf” Trump shocked the world one week ago. Well, not the whole world. Some of us had our suspicions this might happen. Those of us who many would describe as “cynical” have long known never to underestimate the motivational power of … Continue reading

‘The Party is Over (One Hopes)’ by J. Carlisle 

In the wake of the release of the 2005 tape in which Donald Trump gleefully relates to former Access Hollywood host (and fellow plastic person), Billy Bush, how his celebrity allows him to sexually assault women with impunity, House Speaker Paul Ryan and many other Republicans have abandoned their support of their party’s presidential nominee. … Continue reading

‘To My Nieces (You Are Better Than Trump)’ by J. Carlisle 

Dear Danni and Makayla, Over the last year you’ve both no doubt heard and seen a great deal about the upcoming presidential election. While you’ve both seen past elections, this year’s may be the first time you’re both old enough to pay much attention. Danni, you’re now eligible to vote for the first time. I … Continue reading

‘This Election is About Who YOU Are’ by J. Carlisle

Every election year as Americans go to the voting booth, many cast their ballots not for any candidate in particular, but instead for a party. For a substantial number of people, their party of choice is not so much a result of deep consideration of the party’s stated agendas or platforms or anything else except … Continue reading

‘Hillary’s Truth’ by J.Carlisle

Much like my last post regarding Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, my opinions of former Secretary of State and current Democratic nominee, Hillary Clinton are better expressed through art than words. This is because I don’t have any thoughts about her that can be expressed without offending the reader within a sentence or two. With … Continue reading

‘My Thoughts on Trump’ by J.Carlisle

Since I began contributing to this blog, I have made an effort not to write much about U.S. politics or any specific politicians. Mostly I try to write about things that are more universal in scope. That doesn’t mean I’ve always been successful.  My feelings about Donald Trump, however, I don’t mind sharing one bit! … Continue reading

‘Our Blood-Soaked Hands’ by J.Carlisle

According to estimates pulled from huffpost.com and globalnews.com, the number of black victims of police shootings in the U.S. between 2015 up to today is somewhere between 460 to over 500. That means in only 555 days, nearly as many African American lives were taken by police. The total number of people killed by police … Continue reading

‘American Carrion’ by J.Carlisle

Not yet three full days have passed since a monster in human skin walked into Pulse Orlando Night Club & Ultra Lounge with an AR-15 and laughed as he slaughtered forty-nine and maimed fifty-three innocent people he/it never even met. The number of people whose lives will never be the same because of this atrocity … Continue reading

‘McFly and Me and Muhammad Ali’ by J.Carlisle

Those who have been gracious enough to read my previous posts may know I suffer from a number of debilitating physical, neurological, and (I am not ashamed to acknowledge) psychiatric ailments. One suffering chronic pain will become rather depressed after years have passed without relief. There’s no way around that. The chronic headaches began well … Continue reading

Love, Sex, Death, and Money 

If you have the courage to open your eyes wide to the realities of our collective existence during this age on this particular blue-green pebble in the Milky Way, you will inevitably find many things to test the limits of your resolve. There are hard truths out there which make it natural to fear the … Continue reading